For Flag Recipients

Any resident of Texas’ Travis, Williamson, Bastrop, Hays, or Caldwell Counties can request one Free Rainbow Flag to fly at their home.

QWELL’s program currently serves only Texas residents of Travis, Williamson, Bastrop, Hays, or Caldwell Counties. Maybe someday we will be able to expand the program to other areas! Follow us on social media to find out!

All the styles are great, right?!? But you have to pick one to make sure we have enough Free Pride Flags for everyone who wants a flag.

We added two near styles this year (the updated One4All and the Transgender flags) so of course you want one! Please wait until June to order yours so other people who have not received a Free Pride Flag yet can get one first. Please make a donation to support the program.

QWELL does not sell flags. You can purchase similar flags from local businesses like Bookwoman, the Little Gay Shop, Package Menswear, and others.

Your donation really helps! Our entire program is funded through generous donations from companies and individuals like you. Most people who get a Free Rainbow Flag chip in with a $10-$20 donation to help us provide flags to those who cannot afford one, but no payment or donation is required for you to get a Free Pride Flag.

Flag distribution will begin on June 1.

When you reserve your Free Rainbow Flag, you claim one flag offered by a particular sponsor. You must pick it up from that sponsor’s location.

If it is before March 31, you still have time to ask a Greater Austin-area business near you to become a flag distributor! If today is April 1 – June 30, you will have to choose from the available pickup locations and either find a way to get there or ask a friend to pick it up for you. 

Sure! Please contact us to ask to change to a different Free Rainbow Flag. Also tell us if you are also changing pickup locations. 

You need to pick up your Free Pride Flag from the location you selected. Your flag cannot be shipped to you. You can have a friend pick up your flag for you, though!

Absolutely! If you cannot get to your sponsor’s location in June, please send a friend to pick up your Free Pride Flag for you. NOTE: If they want a Free Rainbow Flag for themselves, too, they will need to sign up on this website to claim a flag that is still available and show their confirmation email to the pick-up location.

That is so kind of you! QWELL created this program to help us engage LGBTQIA+ and Ally residents of Greater Austin, so we need your friends and neighbors to please request their own Free Rainbow Flags using this website.

LGBTQIA+ stands for:

Queer or Questioning
+ Other sexual and gender minorities

FreePrideFlag.com is a program of QWELL, Greater Austin’s LGBTQIA+ community foundation. QWELL has plans that will make Greater Austin the best place in the world for LGBTQIA+ people of all ages to live, love, learn, work, and play. LEARN MORE

Thank you! You can sign up to volunteer for QWELL at https://austinoutpost.org/get-involved! If you can, please also chip in a few bucks a month to QWELL or for all Greater Austin’s LGBTQIA+ organizations at PridePledge.org. All our charities need more support!